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Having piece of mind for both your home and family is priceless. Unfortunately, the northeast is constantly battered with strong winds and storms, wet snow and weather patterns that contribute to disease and pests, all of which make trees near your home even more dangerous. Our team of skilled tree experts know how to better identify these risks to provide you with an honest and accurate assessment of the trees surrounding your home.

Tree trimming, thinning or fine pruning is a good way to prevent healthy trees from allowing pesky critters onto your roof and into your home, allow air to flow through them more easily to avoid large limbs snapping and encourage healthy growing patterns.

If tree removal becomes necessary, Legacy Landscaping & Tree Service has all the right equipment to get it done. We offer both full takedowns and cleanup of large wood, leaving your property raked out and seeded with shredded straw afterwards.

If you’re in Ulster, Dutchess, or Orange County as well as any of the immediately surrounding areas in the Hudson Valley, having a landscaper that is also an expert in tree service allows us to account for other aspects that a normal tree service company would otherwise not recognize. Contact Legacy Landscaping & Tree Service today for your property’s FREE full tree risk assessment.

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