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Don’t let winter hold you back

Winter in Milton, New York and surrounding areas can be harsh, especially on businesses. Don’t let snow or ice prevent your business from staying open-choose Legacy Landscaping, LLC for snow and ice removal services.

Vigilant snow and ice removal services include the pre-treating of all paved surfaces, continuous snow removal throughout the duration of the storm and a refreeze visit to ensure that your property is as safe as can be. Legacy Landscaping and Tree Service utilizes state of the art equipment to get the snow and ice out of your parking lot, sidewalks and driveways with a sense of urgency.

We’re available for 24/7 emergency service. Call us today to learn more about our ice and snow removal services in Milton, NY.

3 reasons to get rid of snow and ice immediately

Your business in Milton, NY and surrounding areas need to be accessible even during bad weather. Hire Legacy Landscaping and Tree Service to clear out the snow and ice that come with those nasty winter storms.

There are many reasons to hire a professional who knows the ropes to remove snow and ice from your parking lot or sidewalks as quickly as possible. Here are the top three:

  1. When the roads are drivable, your business needs to be open.
  2. Every hour snow remains on your roadways or sidewalks, the higher the liability.
  3. An intricate plan is required to safely remove and pile snow to eliminate blind spots and other risks.

Contact us right away to meet on your property to discuss our snow and ice removal services.

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