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About My Legacy…

Having started landscaping with a local company at the age of 16, Chris continued learning the ropes while pursuing his college education in the accounting and finance field. While his initial plans were to become a CPA or financial advisor, he grew to love and appreciate the satisfaction of creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes.

From there, Chris went on to work for several companies in the industry over the next 8 years fine-tuning his niche. Working for multiple landscaping companies ranging from small to large allowed Chris to recognized the large voids in the industry that needed to be filled; honesty, loyalty, and integrity.

A Legacy Built On Values

“My grandfather always put family first and instilled honesty, loyalty, and integrity in both his children and grandchildren through his actions. I have taken these values and applied them to an industry where these values are uncommon, to say the least. 

I intend to carry on my family’s legacy within the landscaping industry by delivering on our promises, putting the customer first with a give and take attitude and by never letting our integrity become compromised.”

Christopher Kellermueller

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